A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS Teaser and Photos Reveal Return of Ralphie

A Christmas Story is an enduring holiday classic for many American families, including mine. We make it a tradition to watch it at least once on Christmas Eve for some great laughs as the anticipation of Santa’s arrival thrills us. Years later, we are excited to catch up with Ralphie and his family in A Christmas Story Christmas, which will hit HBO Max on November 17. What will he be like now? Will it capture some of the magic of its predecessor? We have A Christmas Story Christmas teaser trailer (with a full one coming soon) that gives us a glimpse of Ralphie’s return in this sequel.

The very short clip shows us around the infamous Christmas Story house in more modern times (in this film, it is the 1970s). It’s very cool that this story is 30+ years later for him but still in the past for us. While we see some familiar things (including the dusty shade for that fra-gil-lay lamp), audio from the original movie plays. You can virtually picture each scene because they are all so memorable.

The A Christmas Story Christmas trailer clip ends with a close-up on Ralphie himself. He’s got a few wrinkles, but his sparkling blue eyes are still the same. Thankfully, he hasn’t shot an eye out over the years. And, delightfully, he’s still a fan of round glasses. He smiles while no doubt reminiscing about the good times with his family in the house. It will be great to see the old gang of friends again and how they are faring as adults. We just hope they aren’t making their kids wash their mouths out with soap.

New photos from the film show Ralphie with his family around the holidays.

A Christmas Story Christmas is only one month away, and the teaser trailer for this sequel makes us ready for the cozy comforts of the holiday season.

Originally published October 17, 2022.

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