THE QUEST Tells a Thrilling DnD Tale Through Mime! (Exclusive)

At its heart, Dungeons & Dragons is all about telling a story. A group of friends play to shape the story together, and while it won’t always go the way they might expect, it results in an unforgettable experience. Think it’s impossible to tell a tale without uttering a single word, even in Dungeons & Dragons? You would… until you see Broken Box Mime Theater do exactly that.

“The Quest” is a mimed story of adventure, friendship, and young love. There might not be any clatter of dice scattering across a table, but the story is undoubtedly D&D. The talented mime cast has presented D&D-inspired stories on the stage several times since 2013, and now have made it available online for all fans of the world’s greatest role-playing game to watch in awe. We have it exclusively for you to watch right now on Nerdist.

Stirring music and unmistakable body language make the story immediately immersive. From the group of kids gathering to play a game through the course of an epic adventure, the skilled artists tell a story with their expressions and gestures.

As the knight, elf, and orc embark on a quest to confront an evil witch in the woods, every step of their journey feels like a familiar one to anyone who has rolled a D20 before. That doesn’t make any moment of it boring, however; instead you’re instantly transported to the adventures you’ve had in your own imagination while watching to see what fate and the dice have in store for this group of friends.

A collage of mime performers surround a banner for The Quest!

Broken Box Mime Theater

Catch Broken Box Mime Theater in silent action on their YouTube channel for even more astounding tales filled with emotion, music, and artistry.

Featured Image: Broken Box Mime Theater

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