THE OFFICE Official Party Planning Guide Cover Reveal

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s employees sure knew how to celebrate. Thanks to the intrepid Party Planning Committee they participated in shindigs for a number of occasions. The committee plotted festivities for the usual suspects like birthday parties and holidays on The Office, but they also put together a weight loss party, an out of left field luau, and more. Members of the Party Planning Committee took their responsibilities very seriously and relished in the power. And now you can follow in their footsteps with Insight EditionsThe Office: The Official Party Planning Committee Guide to Planning Parties. Nerdist is pleased to exclusively reveal the book’s cover for the first time.

he Office: The Official Party Planning Committee Guide to Planning Parties cover

Insight Editions

Mark Sumerak wrote the book featuring recipes by Julie Tremaine and crafts by Anne Murlowski. It’s just the guide you need to show your friends and colleagues how much you adore them. The book’s packed with step-by-step instructions for party games, snacks, decor, office pranks, and so much more right from episodes of The Office. It’s all written in the characters’ voices too, so if you’ve been missing Angela’s matter-of-fact tone, don’t worry.

And that’s not at all. What sort of Dunderheads would we be if we didn’t offer you a sneak peek inside the book?

The Office birthday cake recipe

Insight Editions

Do better than The Office‘s Party Planning Committee. Spell your co-worker’s name correctly on the birthday cake. This above recipe walks you through a straightforward recipe and decoration tips. Don’t let what happened to Kelly Kapoor happen to anyone else.

The Office stapler in gelatin prank

Insight Editions

On the flip side of things, maybe a co-worker is getting under your skin. Then it might be time for a prank… a prank like putting a beloved stapler (or other favorite personal effect) in gelatin. Make Dwight and Jim proud.

The Office wedding crafts

Insight Editions

Finally, take some sound advice from Kevin Malone. For those occasions when your shoes disappear and you have to go to a wedding, make footwear from tissue boxes. And don’t forget to take a handmade gift, like a custom portrait of the happy couple.

Those are just a few activities in The Office: The Official Party Planning Committee Guide to Planning Parties. The guide will arrive on October 13; you can pre-order the book now.

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