Re-Enter the MATRIX with This Fan-Made Reboot Trailer

The internet has been aflutter with rumors about  Lilly and Lana Wachowski entertaining the idea of a Matrix reboot. Upon hearing word of the prospective new project, fan reaction was…split, to put it lightly. Some loved the idea of entering the Matrix once again, while others appear to be suffering from reboot fatigue.

To help calm fans down, screenwriter  Zak Penn recently responded on Twitter to the rumors implying that any new Matrix films wouldn’t be a reboot of the originals (which makes sense since Matrix Revolutions is a mere 14 years old), but instead would be additional stories set in the universe. So while it’s unclear exactly what is in store for The Matrix franchise, one fan decided to take a stab at imagining what a fourth Matrix film could look like.Of course, since there isn’t any footage of this movie that we don’t even know officially exists, YouTuber Alex Luthor used clips from the first three Matrix films, as well as from some badass action and sci-fi flicks like Lucy, John Wick, Inception, and Edge of Tomorrow, to bring his own Matrix movie to life.

The results are pretty fantastic, and Alex Luthor’s fan trailer could well pique your interest in other stories from Neo’s world. With the Wachowskis’ huge imaginations, I’m sure there are loads of amazing avenues worth exploring. If nothing else, this fan trailer will rekindle your Matrix love.

What do you think about a new Matrix film? Does this fan trailer get you excited about the possibilities, or would you rather them leave the franchise alone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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