This Hot Cocoa Bomb Contains a Surprise Baby Yoda Marshmallow

Baby Yoda has a name, and it’s as adorable as we’d hoped. But Grogu still has more surprises up his little brown sleeve. We’re not talking about his mysterious past; Star Wars‘ cutest tyke now has his very own sweet treat. And it will help keep you warm during those cold nights on Hoth. Fans of The Mandalorian can enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa made with a chocolate bomb that melts away to reveal a marshmallow Baby Yoda.

GALERIECANDY‘s newest hot cocoa melt away (which we first came across at My Modern Met) is a celebration of Star Wars‘ tiny green star. It’s also, fittingly, a mouthful: Star Wars The Mandalorian Holiday Chocolate Ball filled with Surprise The Child Marshmallow Treat is a cup of joy. Weighing 2.12 ounces total, the hollow ball of milk chocolate contains a little marshmallow of Grogu.

This Hot Cocoa Bomb Contains a Surprise Baby Yoda Marshmallow_1


All you have to do to “see The Child” is put the ball in your favorite mug. Then pour a cup of warm milk over it. Once the chocolate melts, he’ll appear floating, as though he’s in his little pod.

There is only one chocolate ball to a box. You can order yours at Amazon for $10.64. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out. GALERIECANDY says that they hope to have more in stock very soon, so hopefully the expected shipping date will move up in time for Christmas.

But even if it’s not, that won’t be the end of the Republic. We have a long winter ahead of us, but only a few more episodes of The Mandalorian‘s second season left. A warm cup of hot cocoa featuring a Baby Yoda marshmallow will be a nice treat to get us through the new year. It’s the best way to ensure 2021 is both adorable and delicious.

THE MANDALORIAN Hot Cocoa Bomb Reveals Baby Yoda Marshmallow_1


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