The House From A CHRISTMAS STORY Is for Sale

Every December, countless people visit 3159 W. 11th St. in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of them don’t show up in person, though. That’s the home from A Christmas Story, one of the most famous locales in holiday movie history. We all have so many memories from that house. It’s where The Old Man put up his infamous leg lamp and the Bumpus family’s dogs destroyed a delicious turkey dinner. And, of course, it’s where Ralphie nearly lost his eye after getting that BB gun. Now that home can be yours. The house and accompanying properties dedicated to the Christmas film are for sale.

But if you want to own it you better ask Santa to bring you a whole lot of cash.

The home from A Christmas Story
Hoff & Leigh/REAG

Saying the house from A Christmas Story is for sale is only partly right. The Parker family home is just one of many assets in an “entire campus” of property connected to the film. The person who decides they want a famous Christmas movie location as a present will get 1.3 acres of land and five buildings on seven parcels. That includes the Bumpus house. (Hungry dogs not included…we hope.) There’s also a museum with “the largest collection of original costumes, props, behind-the scenes photos and other items from the movie.” And there’s a gift shop, so the lot can start paying for itself immediately.

The sale also includes a detached garage that boasts a 1939 Ford LaFrance firetruck like the one seen in the film. Plus there’s two public parking lots, one private lot, and two entirely empty lots. (We’re thinking one empty lot should feature a monument to Scott Schwartz and his frozen tongue.)

Of course, the main attraction is the Parker home, which has been renovated and “nostalgically upgraded with somewhat ancient appliances.” It’s also a destination spot for moviegoers. It welcomes a reported 75,000 visitors for a tour every year. (And with the sequel A Christmas Story Christmas coming soon to HBO Max that number might very well go up.)

How much does literal Christmas and movie nostalgia cost? A lot. We know because the lot not only has its own website, the price is confidential. (Yeah.) But if you want to make a serious bid you can contact Hoff & Leigh to inquire.

And if you do buy it just remember one thing, both for yourself and tourists: BB guns can be very dangerous.

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