A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS Brings Back the ‘Triple Dog Dare’

In the upcoming A Christmas Story Christmas, set some 40 years after the original film, Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) is now a middle-aged dad. He comes home for the holiday to Cleveland Street and right back to his old school pals. Ralphie pretty quickly falls back into childhood rivalries. In this newest clip from the film, which premieres this holiday season on HBO Max, Ralphie and his buddy Flick get their decades-long revenge on Schwartz for the “triple dog dare” from the original film. However, this triple dog dare is worse than a flagpole. Schwartz might be going to the hospital after this stunt.

You can watch the A Christmas Story Christmas‘ new “triple dog dare” scene below:

At the start of the scene, Ralphie says ,”They say revenge is a dish best served cold.” That line right there tells you we’re in the ’80s now. Because that “old Klingon proverb” was spoken by Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It makes sense to us that Ralphie would be a Trekkie. Maybe he traded in that Red Rider BB gun for a Captain Kirk phaser rifle? Hey, he’s less likely to shoot his eye out with it.

Ralphie and son in A Christmas Story Christmas

As you can see from the clip, many of the original actors are back in their respective roles from the first film. R.D. Robb returns as Schwartz, and Scott Schwartz once again plays Flick. Also, Zack Ward is back as Scut Farkus, who is now a police officer. We expect A Christmas Story Christmas to have a multitude of callbacks to the original film. We’ll see the dreaded pink bunny suit again? Maybe it will show up in one of Ralphie’s nightmares. Some childhood traumas you just never get over.

A Christmas Story Christmas premieres on HBO Max on November 17.

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