THE GOOD PLACE Gets Goofy in Season 3 Blooper Reel

For a series that deals with major existential questions –  like what it means to be a good person and what we owe to one another – not to mention one that consistently moves us to tears, there are few shows on television more fun than The Good Place. It boasts one of the best casts on TV and has an amazing premise, which is why it is consistently hysterical. Who would have thought a story about whether or not all of mankind will be damned for eternity would be so perfect for comedy gold? But as this new season three gag reel released at San Diego Comic-Con proves, making The Good Place is just as entertaining as watching it. Though watching all of these screw-ups is pretty great too.

Introduced by the Bad Place’s Shawn, played by Marc Evan Jackson, he says watching humans fail is like watching pornography to him. And according to him, “much like real pornography, gag reels only need to be two or three minutes,” because “anything longer than that is just excessive and gross.” Uh….we don’t know about/want to comment on that. We do know we’re glad this is a lot longer though, cause we could watch it for hours.

Based on this video making a mistake on the set of The Good Place results in one of three things happening: swearing, laughing, or dancing. So. Much. Dancing. Clearly those behind-the-scenes videos of Ted Danson trying to learn how to floss were far from the only instances of the cast busting out their best moves.

What’s unclear though is who has the bigger potty mouth: Kristen Bell or Jameela Jamil. Holy forking shirtballs this is a tough show to be on if you naturally swear a lot. Of course, that doesn’t seem to be nearly as challenging as trying not to break when Manny Jacinto starts improvising as Jason. “Woof woof.”

Clearly in the actual Good Place gag reels from The Good Place are always on.

Featured Image: NBC

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