Ted Danson Learning How to “Floss” Is Right Out of the Real THE GOOD PLACE

Contrary to popular belief (ours included), we are not living in the darkest timeline. It might not be the best one, but it surely isn’t the worst one. How can we be so certain? Because there’s no way the bad place would ever bestow on the universe something as pure and wonderful as videos of Ted Danson trying to learn how to do the floss on the set of The Good Place.It all began when living angel and beloved human being Ted got his dance-on with co-star William Jackson Harper, who was trying to teach the show’s reformed demon how to properly do the floss. (We really love Chidi is also a wonderful, patient educator even behind the scenes). Jameela Jamil captured the delightful moment and shared it with the rest of the world, because Tahani truly cares about giving.

We could watch that for the rest of eternity. Fortunately we got an even longer, extended version.

This feels like watching a video from the actual good place, like this is one of the channels available if the good place had afterlife television. Everything about it is just genuine and wholesome.Of course, getting to bust a move with Ted Danson is even better than watching him dance.

Those videos are all the proof we need to know the world can always follow a much darker timeline. This one can’t be all bad–not when we get to watch Ted Danson dancing.What dance would you love to see him try and learn next? Share your best idea with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: NBC

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