Enjoy Janet’s Finest Moments in this THE GOOD PLACE Mashup (Exclusive)

The Good Place‘s Janet is not a robot. Or a woman. It’s not exactly clear what she is actually, not after so many reboots. But what we do know are two things: She has the very best outfits in the afterlife, and actress D’Arcy Carden is a national treasure. No, sorry, that’s selling her short. She’s an inter-dimensional treasure that transcends time and space. She doesn’t play one supernatural being wonderfully, she also plays Bad and Neutral Janet too. Sometimes she even has to be every member of the cast, as happened in the season three mid-season finale. At one point that tour de force performance involved Carden playing Janet-Eleanor pretending to be Janet-Jason so she could talk to Janet-Chidi. (She should win multiple Emmys next year just for that scene.) She’s turned what was a sentient wealth of knowledge in a dress into one of the best, most complex, most interesting, and – most importantly – most hilarious characters on television. It’s impossible to pick our all-time favorite moment of hers, but we don’t have to now that NBC put together a montage of her finest moments. And we have your exclusive first look at it.New theory for the show: the Good Place is wherever Janet is. In our world the real Good Place is getting to watch D’arcy Carden, including even when she spent a couple of hours in Janet’s void.You know a character is amazing when we’re thrilled to watch them do nothing.

Featured Image: NBC

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