THE GARFIELD MOVIE Post-Credits Scene Teases a Sequel

The Garfield Movie has hit theaters to mixed reviews, but we at Nerdist enjoyed it well enough. And that’s good news because The Garfield Movie post-credits scene teases, you guessed it, a sequel. This isn’t necessarily spoilery, but look away if you wish to know nothing.

Spoiler Alert

The Garfield Movie features a plethora of after-the-credits scenes and moments. At the start of the credits, The Garfield Movie homages cat and pet videos. That’s fair enough because the Garfield franchise and YouTube cat videos seem to have a shared basic core. Once the credits start, we get to catch up with some of our favorite characters from the movie and what they’re up to. We get to see Ethel and Otto live happily ever after. We hear a smashing song from the villainous cat Jynx, played by Hannah Waddingham and her endearing henchman. And, of course, we get more of Garfield and Odie.

Garfield smiles while changing the station with the TV remote while sitting in The Garfield Movie
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But then, when the credits are finally over, The Garfield Movie comes out with its real post-credits scene. The Garfield Movie ends with a Garfield comic strip of its very own. The strip shows Garfield snarking at the audience. “What are you still doing here?” The Garfield Movie comic asks. “Oh, I know. You’re waiting for the sequel.” You caught us.

We do love that The Garfield Movie‘s after-the-credits scene is actually an after-the-credits comic strip. That’s a fun homage to the franchise’s roots. But does The Garfield Movie need a sequel? That’s a more complicated question. Still, with this post-credits sequel tease, we bet it will get one. At least, the powers that be want us to start thinking about what’s next. What if the Garfield movie’s sequel just took the form of cat video-like shorts? That could be fun. We’d also take a sequel centered on Obie. We guess one movie was never going to be enough to feed Garfield’s appetite.

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