The FLINTSTONES’ Modern Stone Age Car Is Now a Pool Float

Have you ever wanted to drive Fred Flintstone’s pre-historic car around Bedrock without completely destroying your precious feet? Well, in a way, now you can. You can “drive” it around your pool. Which seems way more relaxing and comfortable—and easier on the legs. Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy, we’ve learned about this unofficial Flintstones themed pool float. And unofficial though it may be, it looks exactly like Fred’s Flintmobile. (Yes, that’s the car’s actual name). You can check out images of the Bedrock Canopy Luxe lounger right here.

This unofficial Flintstones-themed pool floater evokes Fred's classic car to a T.

Pool Elite

The floating Flintstones car can accommodate two to three adults. If you want to bring your own Wilma and Barney along that is. The floating Flintmobile even features a drink cooler to stash your cold beverages on ice. In addition, it comes with a detachable fabric UPF 50 sunshade, two cup holders, and a backrest. There’s also a novelty steering wheel and a squeaky horn, along with a space gap between the wheel. One perfect for dipping your feet in water to stay nice and cool after a hard day working at Mr. Slate’s rock quarry. The whole thing inflates and deflates in approximately ten minutes.

You'll be the envy of Bedrock with Pool Elite's newest pool floater.

Pool Elite

The Flintmobile has two things it’s particularly famous for in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. First, the endless shots of Fred Flintstone driving it past the same house on every episode of The Flintstones. And secondly, the scene in the closing credits. That’s where we see the Flintstones take the car to the drive-in movie, only to have the Bronto Burger waitress tip the car over with a giant rib. So, be careful in your floaty version and make sure you’re not tipping over into the water due to oversized food products. The Amazon listing currently has the Bedrock Canopy Luxe listed as unavailable, but we expect more will come in eventually.

Featured Image: Pool Elite

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