THE FLASH Season 8 to Kick Off with 5-Part Arrowverse Event

Many of the “first wave” Arrowverse shows have come to an end, like Arrow, and soon, Supergirl. But still running along (no pun intended) is The Flash. And next season is set to start with quite a bang. Just announced via Deadline, it appears season eight will open with a special five-part event this November. One that sees many returning faces from different Arrowverse series. “Armageddon” will center on yet another alien invasion that needs Earth’s greatest heroes united to stop it.

Lending a hand to Team Flash are Javicia Leslie as Batwoman; Brandon Routh as the Atom; Cress Williams as Black Lightning; Chyler Leigh as Sentinel; Kat McNamara as Mia Queen; and Osric Chau as Ryan Choi. Tom Cavanagh and Neal McDonough will return as enemies Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and Damien Darhk, respectively. This will be Cress Williams’ first time returning to the role since Black Lightning ended. It will also be the first post-Supergirl appearance from Chyler Leigh.

The CW Arrowverse heroes united.

CW / Warner Bros. Television 

Notably absent from this crossover of sorts is anyone from Superman and Lois. Although it technically takes place within the Arrowverse, so far, that series has only made one reference to the rest of the CW superhero universe. Here’s hoping the Man of Steel surprises viewers and shows up to help out.

In a statement, Flash EP Eric Wallace said “Simply put, these are going to be some of the most emotional Flash episodes ever. Plus, there are some truly epic moments and huge surprises that await our fans. And we’re doing them on a scale that’s bigger and bolder than our traditional Flash episodes. So yes, “Armageddon” is a lot more than just another graphic novel storyline. It’s going to be a true event for Flash and Arrowverse fans, old and new.”

“Armageddon” will be the first Arrowverse crossover since 2019’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Flash season eight begins on November 16 at 8 p.m.

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