The Entire Script for SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Is Now Online

Despite how expensive moviegoing can be these days, most of us can get together the cash to see the films we’re interested in at least once, and possibly even shell out the extra for IMAX or 3D. repeat viewings, however, like our parents used to do, aren’t quite as in-budget for everyone until the Blu-ray or VOD drops, which could take months. But if you want to revisit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse without all the extra expense, you can read the entire screenplay, any time, at your leisure, because it is all online. And this is no North Korean hack: Sony itself has done this, presumably in search of an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.[Pro-tip: if winning awards is the goal, the script will probably be taken offline some time in February. So don’t put it off if you’re wanting to take a peek.]Cowriter/director Rodney Rothman was the one who tipped us off:

The responses to his Tweet suggest that fans are going to start Sweding their own recreations of movie scenes, because that is what the Internet does. But that’s in keeping with the movie’s message, too: if anyone can be a Spider-Man-style hero and wear the mask, even a pig…then surely a literal sock puppet or puppy can as well. You just need that leap of faith.By the way, we already looked, and the post credits joke is in there, described by the action as: “And we go out in pure chaos, the most expensive dumb joke of all time…” Until they top it for the sequel, which we wouldn’t bet against.

Image: Sony

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