The Cruelty of Nature is Extra Cute in this Adult Coloring Book

One of my favorite jokes on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise is when the skipper says the lions are protecting the sleeping zebra. Sure the zebra just happens to be bleeding out, but you know—details. No matter how you sugar coat it, the fact is it’s the circle of life—and animals have to eat too. To shine a spotlight on the predator’s role in the animal kingdom, illustrator Alex Solis has created a series of drawings sure to not only delight, but creep you out as well.Adorable Circle of Life: A Cute Celebration of Savage Predators and Their Hopeless Prey, showcases ridiculously cute animals dealing with the realities of life. Aw, just look at that doe-eyed kitty munching on a bird as he clings to life. Or what about the sweet alligator sinking its teeth into the fuzzy monkey? Yikes…that sure is an eagle piercing the flesh of that baby deer as he carries him off for a meal. Let me just close my eyes and think happy thoughts for a minute.While these images are brutal, Solis’ art puts a cute spin on the life-or-death game in the animal world. The ruthless illustrations are paired with famous quotes from history to give context to the these hunters capturing their prey.If the cuddly gore is too much for you, there’s also an adult coloring book version so that you can add as much or as little blood as you can handle. Break out that carnage-hued crayon, it’s about to get a whole lot of use.Check out images and coloring pages from the books in the gallery below. I was good until I saw the fox gnashing his teeth into the sweet little rabbit’s neck. Too real, fox. Too real.Adorable Circle of Life: A Cute Celebration of Savage Predators and Their Hopeless Prey and The Adorable Circle of Life Adult Coloring Book are both available online and in stores.Can you handle cute versions of animals acting out their natural instincts? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Alex Solis

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