THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW’s First Two Seasons Now on HBO Max

If you feel as though there are too many streaming services, that’s because you’re paying attention to your bank account. Still, having so many options comes with plenty of plusses. One of the biggest is how companies are digging into their catalogues to fill out their libraries. That’s letting audiences both old and new see some classic shows. Now HBO Max is bringing back its former Emmy-winning series hosted by a standup legend. The first two seasons of The Chris Rock Show are now available to stream.

HBO Max has added the first two years of Rock‘s late-night series. It originally aired on HBO from 1997 to 2000 for five seasons and 55 episodes. The show, which had Grandmaster Flash serve as musical director, featured stand-up, sketches, and social commentary. It also boasted some big names from across both the entertainment and political worlds. Some guests alone make watching the old episodes worth it. The series had visits from Prince, George Carlin, Jesse Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Missy Elliott, Salt-N-Pepa and more.

Chris Rock wearing a striped dark blue suit and silver tie looks downward at the cameraHBO

“We’re thrilled to have The Chris Rock Show on HBO Max so that subscribers can revisit one of comedy’s most iconic series,” said Nina Rosenstein, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, in a statement. “Chris has never been afraid to take risks and challenge norms, and both guests and viewers embraced this. His show also provided a platform for up-and-coming talent and cutting edge musical guests, and while there are too many unforgettable comedy pieces to name, Chris’ attempt to rename a Howard Beach street to ‘Tupac Shakur Boulevard’ is a classic that instantly comes to mind. It’s one of the many examples of why we’re excited for fans and new audiences alike to watch the show.”

To the surprise of no one, this old restored promo for the show features some NSFW language. (What did you expect from a Chris Rock talk show that aired at 12:30 a.m.?)

There are definitely too many streaming options right now. Every site has to do everything it can to make viewers want to subscribe. So we imagine it won’t be too long before HBO Max also adds the last three seasons of The Chris Rock Show to its catalogue.

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