THE BOYS Reveals a Huge Soldier Boy and Homelander Connection

Woooow. The penultimate episode of The Boys season three definitely left us with the biggest needle drop of the season. Yes, something even wilder than Herogasm. Now, we really understand why Homelander and Soldier Boy are d*ckheads of a similar vein. It is because Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father. We will have to wait until the finale to get further details on this but it will make things interesting. Underneath Homelander’s psychotic actions, he’s someone who desperately wants approval and a family. But we don’t get the feeling that Soldier Boy is going to embrace Homelander as his son. To showrunner Eric Kripke, this big revelation—and yet another departure from the comics—is perfect for The Boys TV show

Homelander chokes Soldier Boy in Herogasm episode
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“It makes logical sense that Vought would create the next generation of superhero,” Kripke tells Nerdist. “It’s really important to understand what your season-wide themes are and use them as signposts because they point you in the right direction. So much of this season was about fathers. It was about Butcher trying and failing to be a father and his past with his own father. You’re expecting Homelander and Soldier Boy to smash into each other. But what happens if that’s Homelander’s father? It makes heading into the finale complicated in a really good way.”

Homelander stares into the distance the boys
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Hmmm. Is it possible that they will team up as powerful supes and kill many people? Maybe. Soldier Boy seems to have the killing thing on lock already this season so he doesn’t need his son. Or maybe Soldier Boy told Homelander this news just to mess with him mentally and emotionally to kill him easier. It seems like a move he’d pull. And if Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father, then who is his mother? The many questions that need answers on The Boys. Let’s see how it all ends during the season three finale next week.

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