Here’s What Happens in THE BOYS ‘Herogasm’ Episode

The Herogasm is here. The Boys fans have been wondering how in the world the show would bring that infamous comic storyline to fruition on TV. It is perhaps the most WTF thing in this season so far. The show’s socials spent a ton of time hyping it up, comic fans put out NSFW warnings, and now the world knows what happens at this event. So, what happens in The Boys Herogasm episode? And how does the TV show’s Herogasm measure up to The Boys comic story? Here are all the answers. 

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The Boys: Herogasm Comic Storyline, Explained 
One of the covers to Herogasm, one of the raunchiest The Boys stories ever.
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The Boys: Herogasm is the fifth volume of the comic series. In this six-issue storyline, the titular characters end up at Herogasm, a Vought-sponsored superhero vacation and party for their superheroes. It gets pretty rough to the point of being borderline intolerable and hard to process in the comics. Homelander leads a fake press conference about a faux conflict that will require the help of all heroes.

But the public doesn’t know the truth about their gathering. It is a couple of days of pure debauchery in a tropical locale. A few things that happen there include Soldier Boy (who is more Hughie-like in terms of personality) having sex with Homelander in hopes of joining the Seven and Payback swooping in to take out the Boys. Homelander also kills a plane full of people just because he can (which we’ve seen in a different form previously) and Noir sexually assaults Hughie. There’s ample sexual acts, hence the name. And it ends with Homelander trying to form a coupe to take over the world. Great times.

What Happens in the ‘Herogasm’ Episode of The Boys
MM wipes fluid off his face in herogasm episode of the boys
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Of course, things play out quite differently on the TV show. Soldier Boy obviously isn’t someone who wants Homelander’s approval. In fact, he’s there to kill the TNT Twins and doesn’t care about or really know Homelander at all. The twins are now the hosts of Herogasm, a Vermont sex orgy event started by Soldier Boy. Everyone arrives on their own missions in different little teams and they are all pretty shocked at the scene. There’s a guy with a really, really long penis, dildos, bare body parts, and even a large spraying of ejaculate. MM had quite the horrible time there by complete accident. What’s mentioned above doesn’t happen there.

In fact, the Herogasm action happens mostly in the background with supes and sex workers doing all sorts of things. It’s a scene that showrunner Eric Kripke sweated over during the episode’s five day shoot. “We knew how explicit it would have to be because [The Boys] really tries to present things as they would be in real life,” Kripke tells Nerdist. “A massive superhero orgy would have a lot of nudity and sex acts. And then we added in all our Boys madness with hovering vibrators and icy dildos and all of the craziness that we do.”

It triggers Soldier Boy’s powers, causing him to kill the twins and completely destroy the house along with seriously injuring some people. The divide between Butcher/Hughie and MM/Starlight grows deeper as the former duo continues to work with the obviously dangerous Soldier Boy. The latter decide to call Homelander out via Starlight’s social page.

Homelander chokes Soldier Boy in Herogasm episode
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And Homelander barely makes it out of the party after a big fight with Soldier Boy, Naked Hughie, and Lasery Butcher. A-Train also shows up with his own agenda, dragging and killing Blue Hawk for seriously injuring his brother. There is mention of sex workers having things done to them that are quite unsavory (to say the least), so Herogasm is still very icky. In real life, however, Kripke and his team wanted to ensure that everyone was safe on set.

“When you start getting down to the logistics of it, it’s horrifying,” he affirms. “It’s so scary. You’re bringing in dozens and dozens of people who are going to get naked and simulate sex acts. And it’s not a porn, like you have to do it really professionally with a safe space. [With] the production staff, I said ‘You cannot be too strict about the situation. We cannot have anything go wrong or someone behave inappropriately.’ …I was in LA while it was filming. But I held my breath the whole time. The producers on set held their breath mostly because of the smell.”

Well, Kripke and the Boys probably won’t have to worry about another Herogasm after Solider Boy nearly killed everyone.

The Fallout of Herogasm 

There’s quite a bit of fallout from Herogasm. Butcher and Hughie are continuing to sever relationships with loved ones in their mission to kill Homelander. A-Train might die after putting stress on his heart. And Homelander and Vought will be gunning for Starlight after she called them out in the aforementioned live video. He’s also shook by Soldier Boy existing in general and is more paranoid than ever. Will Homelander die this season? Who knows. But two things are for sure. Soldier Boy is a very dangerous guy to work with. And a Herogasm event is a no good, very bad thing.

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