THE BIG LEBOWSKI’s Dude Gets a Far Out 1/6 Scale Figure

The Dude not only abides, he endures. More than two decades after the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski came to theaters, Jeff Bridges’ cult hero has only grown in stature. Until now. But don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing, man. It’s actually pretty far out. Sideshow is immortalizing Jeffrey Lebowski with a 1/6th scale figure of The Dude. And we have your exclusive first look at it.

A statue of Jeff Bridges The Dude from The Big Lebowski, with his arms turned up to the sideSideshow

This fully licensed  The Dude Sixth Scale Figure might hate The Eagles. But fans of The Big Lebowski are going to love it. The collectible comes with The Dude’s iconic outfit, made of “carefully tailored fabric.” He’s rocking his signature white V-neck shirt, drawstring pants, and comfortable sweater.

And on his feet you’ll find a pair of clear sandals. The perfect way to cap off the perfect ensemble for easily making your way around Los Angeles.

A statue of The Dude from the Big Lebowski holding a white Russian in one handSideshow

This “highly articulated and poseable” figure is also easy to customize. That way you can make sure it really ties your room together. It comes with accessories and “swap-out” features, including ten different hands. You can choose from: grip hands, cup-holding hands, two unique pairs of gesture hands, and a smoking hand.

The Dude also has four unique White Russian drink accessories (of course) and a pair of sunglasses.

A statue of The Dude from The Big Lebowski smoking a jointSideshow

Speaking of tying the room together, this collectible also features a rug-patterned stand. Like the one The Dude had in his apartment.

Just make sure Jackie Treehorn enthusiasts don’t send their goon collectibles over to ruin it, you know?

The bottom of a figure stand with a red rug pattern Sideshow

If you want to learn more about this laidback collectible, keep an eye out for additional information from Sideshow coming soon. You can follow the collectible site at its official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. As well as Sideshow’s official website, where you can RSVP at The Dude Sixth Scale figure link’s page for more details. That’s also where you’ll be able to pre-order your figure starting on July 1.

This is, like, only our opinion, man. But considering The Dude’s stature only grows every year, you probably shouldn’t wait around to get your 1/6th scale figure. Everyone always wants a piece of Jeffrey Lebowski.

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