THE ADVENTURES OF MAID MARIAN Trailer Sets a Fresh Adventure

There are some stories that are destined to be told over and over again. These legends span centuries as certified classics with unforgettable characters. There are maxims, and commentary about life, love, social status and more. A great example is none other than the tale of Robin Hood and his true love Maid Marian. There arguably isn’t a person alive over the age of five who hasn’t heard about the famed outlaw. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, capturing the heart of his true love. His story has been told in ballads, plays, movies with men wearing tights, and an infamous animated version with rather attractive foxes. But what happens after this story ends? The Adventures of Maid Marian answers that question and, if the trailer is any indication, gives her a chance to shine even bright in her own right. 

Sophie Louise-Craig stars as the titular character. Maid Marian has never been a typical “damsel in distress,” commanding respect and willing to fight for what’s right. But this clip shows her on a completely different mission. Robin (Dominic Andersen) is off at war while she must save the residents of Nottingham from the Sheriff’s ongoing desire to make everyone miserable.

sophie louse-craig as maid marian holding a bow and arrow in the adventures of maid marian trailer

King Richard is dead and things are getting bad. She gets to lead the charge, be in the midst of combat, and forge a path as a hero who is hella nice with the bow and arrow. The Adventures of Maid Marian trailer sets up some serious conflict with people changing their alliances and thirsting for power. Right now there isn’t a set release date for this Signature Entertainment film, but it is coming sometime in 2022. If I could guess, I would probably say later this year (spring or summer, perhaps?) because, well, we are already in January. We will be ready for Maid Marian to build on her legacy in a novel chapter of this enduring folktale.

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