It’s a Snap to Get Your Own Thanos From Build-A-Bear

“Cuddle” and “Thanos” might be two words that have never crossed your mind at the same time before, but thanks to Build-A-Bear, you can snuggle with the Mad Titan any time you want. The Thanos Teddy Bear is an online exclusive that comes complete with some intriguing sound bites and his own soft and shiny Infinity Gauntlet.

Build-A-Bear has made its share of geeky-themed bears and other super-powered plush before, from Super Mario to Into the Spider-Verse to Pokémon. But the 16-inch tall Thanos teddy bear proves the toymaker can make just about anything and anyone adorable. With a double-bladed weapon, shiny Infinity Gauntlet, and smug smile, Thanos the Teddy Bear is simultaneously the greatest foe the Avengers have ever faced and a snuggly-wuggly bedtime companion. The only thing this mini Mad Titan lacks are fingers for snapping.

And if you’re looking into hints for Avengers: Endgame before the movie hits theaters at the end of the month, listen to the preview sounds for this online exclusive toy. The five sayings could be mild spoilers for the film, although they’re just vague enough to create more questions than answer them. Who could he be talking to? (Listen at your own risk!)

It’s a Snap to Get Your Own Thanos From Build-A-Bear_1

At Build-A-Bear you’ll also find a Captain Marvel themed teddy bear with the stars in her eyes and a pre-stuffed Goose the Cat that’s almost as cute as the real flerken thing. Build-A-Bear also offers Thor, Black Panther, and Spider-Man Miles Morales to cuddle if you just want to have a bed full of plushy, soft  Marvel heroes.

The Thanos Teddy Bear retails at $47.00 and is an exclusive item limited to one per Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Member; visit their website for more details on how to get your own.

All Images: Build-A-Bear / Marvel

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