The Snowy White Alolan Vulpix POKEMON Is Coming to Build-A-Bear

Somewhere between a fox and a squirrel but with more tails, the Pokemon known as Vulpix seems engineered for cuteness (to be fair, a whole lot of them do). Literally heartwarming, they contain flames inside their bodies that never go out…except for the bright white Vulpixes that live in Alola (and the game Pokemon Sun). It’s not just their color that’s reminiscent of winter; these evolutionary offshoots are Ice Pokemon rather than Fire, and can really bring the temperature down in a room. But now you’re going to want to snuggle with one, as Build-A-Bear brings the Alolan Vulpix into stores with all of the cuteness and none of the chill. As we heard via, these snow-loving creatures will become available this Thursday, Sept. 13th, a lucky date for those of you who choose to catch ’em.

The Snowy White Alolan Vulpix POKEMON Is Coming to Build-A-Bear_1
Image: Build-A-Bear

Assuming you like to dress your stuffed pets in widdle clothes, as Build-A-Bear rightly does, you have some options. The Alolan Vulpix in the buff, with an exclusive Pokemon card, is $28. For $12.50, you get to add the hooded cape. For $60, in an online exclusive bundle, you get all that plus a sound effects chip and these extra-adorable PJs:

The Snowy White Alolan Vulpix POKEMON Is Coming to Build-A-Bear_2
Image: Build-A-Bear

Even if you are as cool as an Alolan Vulpix, that’s gotta melt you inside just a bit. Check out this link come Thursday, and see if you can resist those big eyes. Like Lillie, you probably won’t be hiding this one away inside a PokeBall.

Is the Alolan Vulpix going to say “Aloha” to the rest of your collection? Let us know in comments.

Images: Build-A-Bear

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