The Thanksgiving Side Dish Smoothies No One Asked For

Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, made exactly the way grandma used to. Maybe you’re so committed to it, you bring your own to dinner and judge anyone who uses a different recipe. But if you’re open to new additions to the Thanksgiving table, why not give these side dish smoothies from nutribullet a try? You can drink your way through all eight recipes. And if you’re looking to get out of hosting a family Thanksgiving this year, you could always let your guests know these are the only side dishes you’ll be whipping up.

Some of the options, like cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, are almost normal smoothies. But nutribullet really went off the deep end with green bean casserole and mac and cheese. And while we have to agree with their assessment that “ any stuffing is good stuffing,” that’s really put to the test with recipes that include a lot more onion than your usual smoothie. And yes, that is a butter garnish on the mashed potato smoothie.

The Thanksgiving Side Dish Smoothie Recipes No One Asked For_1

“Somewhat unexpected, they taste awesome and genuinely evoke the feeling and flavor of an actual Thanksgiving feast,” says John Olson, brand manager at nutribullet. “We love seeing our consumers get creative with how they use their blenders and hope these recipes encourage everyone to have a little extra fun this holiday season.” 

They are certainly creative recipes. With four savory smoothies and four sweet options, it’s enough to compliment the main Thanksgiving dinner or enjoy along with leftovers. I may just try some of them out, even though I audibly gagged a few times while reading the recipes.

A mac and cheese smoothie and green bean casserole smoothie on a kitchen counter

This isn’t the first weird offering seemingly designed to get you uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner for years to come. Pringles makes turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie-flavored chips. There’s even recipes for dessert turkeys. But why mess with the original?

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