Dine on Sweet Dessert Turkeys This Thanksgiving

There’s a fine line everyone must walk on Thanksgiving to ensure maximum enjoyment. It has nothing to do with friends family, though. We’re talking about something far more important—food. You never want to skimp on the main course, but you absolutely need to leave enough room to eat all the desserts. Do you want a second helping of mashed potatoes if it means giving up a slice of pumpkin pie? Is another scoop of green bean casserole worth passing on your aunt’s apple crumb? It’s a lot of pressure on what should be a relaxing day. But this year you can stop worrying about how to eat and when, by combining both courses into one dish with Reynolds Wrap’s dessert turkeys.

They look and sound way better than you might think.

Dine On Sweet Dessert Turkeys This Thanksgiving_1Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap, which previously introduced the world to Mac and Cheese, Glitter, and Cheetoh’s Flamin Hot turkeys, has come up with recipes for three new “Desserkys.” Each is inspired by a traditional Thanksgiving and holiday season sweet treat. They include:

Pecan Pie Turkey

Dine On Sweet Dessert Turkeys This Thanksgiving_2Reynolds Wrap

“Coated with a brown sugar glaze, topped with candied pecans and dressed with fluffy mashed sweet potatoes.”

Gingerbread Turkey

Dine On Sweet Dessert Turkeys This Thanksgiving_3Reynolds Wrap

“Featuring a molasses glaze topped with a ginger spiced dry rub and a gingerbread man-inspired mashed potato piping and, of course, gingerbread men to eat on the side.”

Chocolate Turkey

Dine On Sweet Dessert Turkeys This Thanksgiving_4

“Made with a chocolate-based BBQ glaze that’s sweet and savory and dressed with fresh fruit and chocolate shavings.”

I’m not the biggest fan of turning a savory dish into something sweet, but I can honestly say I would gladly try all of these. The Pecan Pie turkey sounds legitimately great. Those flavors all go together so well. I know because it’s what we all eat on Thanksgiving. The Gingerbread turkey—minus the icing—actually sounds pretty delicious too. It’s essentially just a sweet spice rub, and that flavor profile goes great with meat.

And that Chocolate turkey is too damn weird not to try. It looks like it either came out of a sci-fi movie or someone panicked on Chopped. I need it. Worst case scenario it doesn’t taste good and I just eat all of the regular desserts. And let’s be honest, that’s what really makes for a great Thanksgiving.

Featured Image: Reynolds Wrap

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