BUFFY’s Tom Lenk and TEEN WITCH’s Robyn Lively Recreate “Top That”

I have a confession to make. I only saw the 1989 flick Teen Witch for the first time earlier this year. The tale of Louise Miller, a teen played by Robyn Lively who learns she’s a reincarnated witch who’s about to have the powers to influence the world around her, is a classic coming of age story plus a whole lot of romance, high school shenanigans, and magic. And oh yeah, a group of teenage dudes who like to rap. It’s that part of the story that’s relevant, well, all the time, but especially key to the video I’m about to share.

The rap song “Top That” is the most memorable part of the film. Hands down. It’s a wordsmith’s showdown between the aforementioned random rapping dudes and Louise’s best friend Polly. But as a special Halloween treat, Robyn Lively stepped into the role of Polly and recreated it–wardrobe, dramatic choreography, and all–with Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Tom Lenk.

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How. Utterly. Glorious. They both commit to the roles completely. The fact that it’s a low budget shoot makes it all the better.

And in case you aren’t familiar with the original sequence, I implore you to set two minutes of your day aside and take it in. My life is sadder for only discovering it in recent months. Don’t be like me.

It’s time to show off: do you know all the words to “Top That?” If so, you should be proud. Let your Teen Witch flag fly in the comments.

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