Tatiana Maslany Doubts SHE-HULK Will Get a Season 2

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s first season didn’t end on a cliffhanger. While the season finale made another installment possible, it also wrapped up its story in a satisfying way. Sounds like it’s a good thing it did, too. Star Tatiana Maslany doesn’t expect her series to get a second season at Disney+. It has nothing to do with viewership or fan reaction, though. She says the critically-acclaimed show probably won’t be back for the simplest, oldest, and most basic reason in television history: money.

Jennifer Walters from she-hulk fourth wall break looks directly into camera
Marvel Studios

Maslany recently made a live stream appearance (which we first learned about at Deadline) on the Twitch series  Codenames LIVE! — The New Class. During the show she answered a question about possible season two renewal for She-Hulk. “I don’t think so,” she said. “I think we blew our budget, and Disney was like, ‘No thanks.’”

Apparently it costs a lot of money to bring a giant green rage monster superhero to life for nine episodes when they’re the star of the show. Who would have thought! (Maybe her boss at the law firm shouldn’t have insisted she appear as She-Hulk at the office?)

Jen Walters arrives at her new law firm in epsidoe two of She-Hulk.
Marvel Studios

While detractors of the show will almost certainly claim the budget has nothing to with a potential renewal or cancellation, this certainly sounds like a classic case of Occam’s razor. Marvel Studios isn’t a money printing enterprise anymore. Disney is definitely looking at the costs of all its projects, including the MCU.

We’re still positive Maslany will be back in the MCU in other ways, whether its in MCU films or Disney+ shows. Jen Walters is a major Marvel Comics figure and her big screen story is just getting started. But we’re not entirely giving up hope for her show just yet. She-Hulk could still get a second season eventually. Jen Walters is both a superhero and a great attorney. The series could reverse Disney’s decision on appeal.

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