Tank Girl has long been one of comics’ most iconic creations. Created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, the cult classic title about a girl and her tank surviving in a punk AF post-apocalyptic world was first published in 1988 and is still going strong 30 years later. Tank Girl was a radical addition to the black and white comics boom of the ’80s and she quickly became a counterculture icon, especially within the queer punk scene, with her image appearing on posters and t-shirts promoting everything from the comic itself to anti-homophobia protests in the U.K. To celebrate this landmark anniversary, Titan Comics has a year of exciting releases and radical announcements, and we’re lucky enough to get to share some of them right here!

First up, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak at the gorgeous wraparound cover for the upcoming series collection The Legend of Tank Girl, by fan favorite artist Brett Parson! This radical hardcover collection rounds up Parson and Martin’s Tank Girl Gold, Two Girls One Tank, and World War Tank Girl for the first time for your perusing pleasure, and you’ll be able to grab it from your local comic shop on August 15th.

That’s not the only Tank Girl treat that we have for you–don’t we spoil you?–because we also have the first look at the newly colored classic Tank Girl comics which Titan announced under the banner Tank Girl: Full Color Classics earlier this month. Colored fanatically by Tracy Bailey and Sofie Dodgson, the vibrant pages are a new take on the classic black and white illustrations by Jamie Hewlett. If you recognize the distinct art style but have never come across Tank Girl before, it’s likely because Hewlett was also the creative mind behind Gorillaz. These new colors are a joyous way to celebrate 30 years of Tank Girl and we can’t wait until April 18th when we’ll be able to see the full glory.

For Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, the recolors were an obvious way to celebrate the landmark anniversary of his beloved creation. “We are exceptionally excited to go back and revisit the roots of Tank Girl. There was no choice to release the comics in full color back in the day, but if we had, this is precisely how we would have envisaged them,” said Martin, in Titan’s official press release. “We’re also having a great time searching through the archives and finding unseen artwork and photos, which will give enlightening and contemporary context to the strips. This is a whole new light shining on the origins of our comics, just in time for her 30th Anniversary. We hope you will enjoy going back in time as much as we have!”

Stay tuned, Tank Girl fans, as we’ll be celebrating “The Year of Tank Girl” at Nerdist and will likely have some more radical exclusives and announcements coming your way! (Check out our gallery below for even more Tank Girl: Full Color Classics!)

Are you excited to see your favorite post-apocalyptic superhero in all her technicolor glory? Can’t wait to take home the brand new collections of Rebecca Buck a.k.a. Tank Girl? Just stoked to see Tank Girl getting her due in the overstuffed landscape of superhero comics? Shoot into the comments below!

Images: Titan

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