TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER Trailer Shows the Return Of Rapunzel’s Hair

Many may have wondered how Disney was going to do a Tangled sequel (and series) if, by the end of the 2010 film, Rapunzel had lost her magical flowing locks. Well, in a world where magical hair can exist, it can also grow back in an instant.A recent post on Entertainment Weekly brought us the new trailer for the upcoming Disney Channel movie Tangled: Before Ever After, and it looks delightful. Catching up sometime after the events of the first film (but before those of the short film sequel  Tangled Ever After hence the “before” in the title) something happens which causes Rapunzel’s long golden hair to return. For someone who spent most of her life a prisoner by Mother Gothel who took advantage of its magic, this is clearly something that worries the young princess. Thankfully, she’s got Eugene, Pascal, Maximus, and a new character named Cassandra (voiced by Wicked‘s Eden Espinosa) to help her deal with it.Although lacking the 3D CGI animation we saw in the first film, the stylized flatter art style in this new iteration seems to still work. We suppose that’s a great thing with Disney animation in that we’re given such recognizable characters that they’ll often work in all sorts of other mediums. And speaking of recognizable characters, you may have noticed the original voice cast of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi return as the voices of Rapunzel and Eugene which will also continue on into the Disney Channel series.What are your thoughts on this first look at Tangled: Before Ever After? Are you excited for the Tangled  series that will follow? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Disney Channel

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