This Dream Job Will Pay You $100K to Travel and Eat Tacos

Generally speaking, most people work simply because they need to, not because they dream of employment. We have to pay bills, eat, and have shelter, right? But if we must work to live, then it would be exceptionally cool to have a well-paying and wonderfully fun gig. Imagine getting lots of cash for doing something you love to do anyway…like eating tons of tacos. That’s exactly what one lucky human will get to do for McCormick. According to Delish, the famous spice company is looking for a Director of Taco Relations, and everything about this gig seems awesome.

The application website gives some very specific details for this position. First, there’s the obvious love that one must have for tacos. This person must have a borderline obsession with them. They will, after all, partner with the McCormick Kitchens team to develop cool, tasty new recipes. The taco expert will work remotely about 20 hours a week from September through December 2021, so it is not a forever gig. However, the pay is awesome. The Director of Taco Relations will earn a whopping $25,000 with a month with a total max income of $100,000. This is not a typo, nor some kind of weird joke.

And, to top it off, the Director of Taco Relations will get to travel across America to seek out taco trends, talk to other taco experts, and find a way to make every day Taco Tuesday. Of course, social media savvy and a winning personality are a must. There’s a high level of engagement that this person will have to do on a regular basis. For once, a job application with responsibilities and requirements that actually make sense!

a photo of several beef tacos in a line

Jeswin Thomas/ Pexels

Applicants must be 21 or over and submit their application along with a video about why they deserve to be the Director of Taco Relations. McCormick will chose the lucky person and they will sign a contract and get to work. If this is your dream, then you better get creative and record your video quickly. The deadline for applications is July 20 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck and may the biggest taco fan get their (temporary) dream job.

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