Turn Pool Parties Into Pool Fiesta with Taco Bell Floats

Summer is here! And as I do every year I plan to make the most of it. Whether or not I am successful will be determined by a single measurement: how many times I went in a pool. A simple standard, yes, but an accurate one. Because I no longer have my own swimming pool. Therefore, if I am in one, I must be hanging out with friends at theirs. And that, dear reader, is what you call a pool party, the greatest of gatherings. This summer though I plan to turn some pool parties into pool fiestas thanks to some tasty new flotation devices. Five Below has its own exclusive line of Taco Bell floats.

A man pretends to eat a pool float shaped like a taco and a woman in a bathing suit and sunglasses holds a crunchwrap supreme Taco Bell pool floatFive Below

Take a bite out of the sunny season by relaxing on one of Taco Bell’s new “Live Más”-inspired pool floats. Fans of the fast food chain can choose from three styles of floats. You can grab an inflatable Hard Shell Taco. It measures 57-inches long and 29-inches wide. If though you’re looking for something a little smaller to hold on to while you wade in the water, you can pick up a Crunchwrap Supreme float. It comes in at 35-inches by 35-inches. (Wish actual Crunchwrap Supremes came in that size too.)

However, if you really want to spread your legs and bathe in the sun, you’ll want to opt for Five Below’s Taco Bell Sauce Packet float. It comes in two spicy varients. There’s a red “Hot” and a yellow “Fire,” each adorned with flames. They measure 57.8-inches long and 30-inches wide.

The same young man in two different photos holds up a long Taco Bell Sauce packet pool float, one red, one yellowFive Below

All three float styles cost (you’ll totally believe this) $5 each. They will also make you crave Taco Bell. Which you surely are right now after reading this.

Of course, anyone who sees these floats will be hungry. So when you do bring one to your friend’s pool, maybe bring some actual Taco Bell too. That will guarantee success as turning a pool party into a pool fiesta.

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