Taco Bell’s Latest Menu Items Include Giant Cheez-Its

Fast food establishments are always doing wild things to get you to go through their drive-thru windows again. Remember when Burger King released Stranger Things Whoppers? But it’s Taco Bell that really loves trying out weird new items on their menu the most. Via CNN, we’ve learned they’re at it again. Taco Bell is testing a new menu item, a giant Cheez-It, 16 times the regular size, which serves as the base for their new “Big Cheez-It Tostada.” This is all either very enticing to you, or horrifying. Depending on your pallette of course.

The Big Cheez-It Tostada layers ground beef, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar cheese on the cheesy cracker. All for the price of $2.49. It’s described as an “abundantly cheesy and nostalgic, yet magically modern, dining experience.” But that’s not the only Cheez-It-inspired offering. They’ve also got the “Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme,” which replaces the internal tostada shell, with the giant Cheez-It for $4.29. This is all still less weird-sounding than the Cheez-It cake. Which was a real thing.

The new Taco Bell Cheez-It offerings.
Taco Bell

However, if all that sounds delicious to you, hopefully you are in or around Orange County, California. Because both of these Cheez-It offerings are only available in one Taco Bell location, in the city of Irvine. Not only that, they’re only available for a mere two weeks. With all the publicity this is getting, we expect long lines at the Irvine Taco Bell drive-thru till the end of this special promotion due to people’s curiosity.

But we imagine if people are really into these and the feedback is positive, the Cheez-It offerings will start popping up in Taco Bell locations all over America. And maybe it will have a longer shelf life than Taco Bell’s Enchirito, which comes and goes from their menu with alarming regularity. We still miss those. Although yes, we know, they’re still on the “secret menu.” Maybe one day the Cheez-It offerings will be too.

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