You Can Buy a Cake Made with Cheez-Its (If You Must)

Celebrating a big occasion with cake? Totally normal. Enjoying an entire Cheez-It box for any occasion? Also completely normal. But making an actual cake out of Cheez-Its to celebrate a centennial birthday? That one’s a little weird. If you’re looking for something strange to dine on, though, this very bizarre, very real concoction can be yours.

The Kellogg Company has announced they’re celebrating 100 years of Cheez-It with a “legendary cake.” And that’s not hyperbole. Because this bizarre sweet treat, known as the Cheez-Itennial Cake, might very well end up being legendary. If for nothing else than how strange it is. It’s not simply a tribute to the Cheez-It brand; this isn’t a delectable delight honoring the famous snack with decorations. It’s made with actual Cheez-Its.

A red Cheez-It cake on a pedestal with a 100 sign sticking out of the top, all on a table with a box and bowl of Cheez-Its below itKellogg Company

Chef Stephanie Izard is responsible for the dessert. It’s “bursting with an entire box of Cheez-It crackers.” That includes ground Cheez-It flour in the batter, as well as Cheez-It shortbread crumble between each layer. Kellogg’s says to balance the “salty-sweet perfection,” the cake also has “swirls of caramel throughout.” And also chocolate-covered Cheez-It crackers “popping out the top to join the party.” We’re not sure we want to be invited to that party. Though we doubt we’d turn down an invitation either…

“To celebrate the 100% real-cheese cracker that fans have been enjoying for 100 years, Cheez-It needed an absurdly cheesy way to kick off the celebration. We couldn’t think of a better way than to give fans the ultimate cheesy take on birthday cake,” said Jeff Delonis, Senior Director of Marketing for Cheez-It, in a statement. “Chef Stephanie Izard was the perfect partner to help us bring this absurdly satisfying creation to life, and we can’t wait for fans to celebrate by trying the cake for themselves.”

You’ll be able to do just that soon. The limited-edition Cheez-Itennial Cake will go on sale at Goldbelly starting May 17 at 12 p.m. ET. It will be available at the online food retailer through May 20. Only a limited supply will be released each day. And it will sell on a first come-first-serve basis. So don’t delay if you want one. And Chef Izard says snack fans won’t want to miss out.

A chef holds a Cheez-It cake on a stand in a white room with a box of Cheez-it on the tableKellogg Company

“100 years isn’t enough time to tell you how much I love Cheez-It crackers,” she writes. “My own wedding cake was inspired by Cheez-It, which ultimately led to a variety of Cheez-It menu items at our new bakery, Sugargoat. I can’t wait for our fans to try the Cheez-Itennial Cake…it’s sweet, tangy, and, of course, cheesy! Trust me, if you’re as obsessed with Cheez-It as I am, this one’s for you.”

A chance like this only comes around every century. We hope. Or maybe we don’t. Yeah, this “dessert” is real weird. But we’d also really like to try it. We like cake and we like Cheez-It. And we definitely like celebrations.

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