Taco Bell Now Serving a Free Bedtime Book for Adults

Taco Bell never tastes better than it does in the morning. The real early morning that is, when it’s 3:30 a.m. and you’ve been out all night. It’s that time of day when you’d consider committing a felony if it meant getting a Chalupa Supreme. But now the fast food chain is bringing back actual breakfast options. And it’s celebrating with a Taco Bell bedtime book that makes sure you’ll dream about that morning menu when you close your eyes .

The colorful illustrated cover for Taco Bell's Bedtime BookTaco Bell

Breakfast has returned to nearly every Taco Bell nationwide. That’s reason enough to get up in the morning. Or to stay up all night. You might want to do just that if you read the chain’s new nighttime book it released in conjunction with its resurrected breakfast selections. Sleep Tight, Get That Bite: A Taco Bell Bedtime Story for Adults is meant to “encourage fans to get some sleep so they can wake rested and ready for burritos.” From the official press release:

“Forget doomscrolling till bedtime, this story will have you wrapping yourself into a blanket burrito and visualizing bacon-y deliciousness to inspire a little shut-eye. After all, what adult couldn’t use a little more rest so they can enjoy a Toasted Breakfast Burrito in the morning? One burrito, two burrito, three burrito, four, this tale will have fans dreaming of that breakfast they’re gonna score.”

An unwrapped Taco Bell breakfast burrito on a table in front of a bag and hand holding a coffeeTaco Bell

The colorful, fully illustrated book (which we first learned about at DesignTAXI) is already available to read online. (And is totally fine to read to kids.) It offers rhymed instructions on how to fall asleep by thinking about Taco Bell. The obvious problem is that it’s hard to sleep when you intentionally make yourself think about eating.

And that’s the real genius of this book. It might make you go to bed early so you can get up for breakfast. But it’s also another way to make sure you show up at 3:30 in the morning. Which is fine by us. That’s when Taco Bell  tastes best anyway.

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