This $18,000 STAR WARS Swarovski Millennium Falcon Is a Glittering Galactic Treasure

When it comes to spacecraft in the Star Wars galaxy, one ship in particular shines like a glittering diamond above them all. She might be a “hunk of junk” in the eyes of many. However, to the fans, the Millennium Falcon is as close to a feeling of “home” as Star Wars has. As a way of celebrating this iconic spaceship, Swarovski Crystal has created a pair of bedazzled Millennium Falcon collectibles. You can check out images and read the official descriptions for these limited editions right here:

wo different glittering Millennium Falcon displays from Swarovski Crystal.

The first one comes embellished with over 25,000 hand-set crystals, taking each one over 160 hours to create. The black metal base features a fully reflective mirror effect, enhancing the brilliant sparkle of this unique collector’s piece. These are limited to 100 numbered pieces worldwide and sold out almost instantly. We guess a lot of people out there wanted to see what a Millennium Falcon float for the Disney Electrical Parade might look like. This gives us a pretty good idea. This one would have set you back a whopping $18K.

But if you missed out on that one, you can still get this amazing (and more affordable) Millennium Falcon created out of cut crystal. It’s kind of like what the Falcon would look like if Wonder Woman was her pilot. They created this version of Han Solo’s Corellian ship out of 715 expertly cut clear, gray, and blue crystal facets. It also has a polished metal stand and base.

A cut crystal Swarovski Millennium Falcon display piece.

This crystal Falcon measures at a height: 3 3/4 inches, a width of 1 1/8 inches, and a length of 5 7/8 inches. This version of the Falcon carries a price tag of $600. And you can order it right here. As Han would say, “punch it Chewie!.” Just don’t ever drop it Chewie.

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