Stunning STAR WARS Diorama Features a Floating Millennium Falcon

We’ve seen some very cool Millennium Falcon toys in our day. And sandcastles. And cutting boards. The list of Falcon-inspired products and fan creations is quite long. But like a true blue Corellian YT-1300 starship, this latest toy version of Han Solo’s flying hunk o’ junk actually hovers.

This amazing miniature version of the Millennium Falcon, which we first saw at Laughing Squid, actually levitates over a diorama of sand dunes on Tatooine. Star Wars fan and YouTuber Glen Makes made the diorama, and you can check out his one-minute making of video right here:

So, what exactly went into making this cool Star Wars display piece? For starters, Glen Makes used a Revell Snaptite Build and Play Star Wars: The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon 1:164 scale model. Next, they got themselves a Stirlingkit 1000g DIY Magnetic Levitation Module Floating Display Kit. Some Tap acrylic circles and clear plastic rods. Collectively, it cost around $200 to create. But the final product looks well worth it. Who wouldn’t want a Millenium Falcon as their display centerpiece?

YouTuber Glem Makes' Millennium Falcon floating diorama under construction.
Glen Makes

As screen-accurate as this version of the Millennium Falcon is, only one thing isn’t canonical to the films. And that’s the fact that the Falcon actually never flew over the sand dunes of Tatooine. At least, not that we ever see on film. It took off from Mos Eisley in A New Hope. And if it flew over the dunes in Return of the Jedi, we never saw it.

However, it did fly over the sands on Jakku in The Force Awakens. So Glen Makes, it’s not too late to change those twin suns on your diorama into a singular one. If you care about canon that is. And if you don’t, hey, that’s okay too. Some of our favorite Star Wars things are completely non-canonical. And yes, we might be talking about the Star Wars Holiday Special

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