Make Your Very Own Sushi Conveyor Belt at Home

During the first couple weeks of social distancing, I didn’t think being stuck indoors was that big a deal. There are like eight million streaming options and we’re always complaining about not having time to watch all the TV shows and movies we’d like to. Boom. Problem solved. Well, I no longer feel that way. I’m now looking for different ways to break up the same daily routine. And while there are no wrong ways of (safely) dealing with the tedium, the best quarantine activities are the ones that remind us of how things used to be and will once again. That includes making your very own sushi conveyor belt at home with a toy train set.

Twitter user @Itami9018F shared a video (which we first heard about at SoraNews24) showing how he’s dealing with social distancing. He made a DIY sushi conveyor belt with a toy Disney train. He attached plates to the train’s freight cars, and, just like in a conveyor belt restaurant, it brings around dishes of delicious sushi for you to select. And when you make your selections at home, you don’t have to feel ashamed that your accumulating plates are starting to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

A sushi conveyer belt made from a town train set.

Akiba Toys Shop Channel

Others were inspired by his work to make their own. One Twitter user created a massive double train belt. We’re not only jealous of how much fun it looks, we’re also now very hungry.

Is this exactly like being at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant? No, obviously not. The great thing about going to restaurants is paying someone to make your food, serve it to you, and wash the dishes after. But at this point of quarantine, we need any way to help pass the time, and this is perfect.

Especially because it has one huge advantage over actual sushi belt restaurants: They don’t let us play with the trains when we’re done eating.

Featured Image: Akiba Toys Shop Channel

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