TRAIN TO BUSAN Sequel Trailer Jumps Back into Zombie Mayhem

Train to Busan threw zombie fans for a loop with an intense zombie survival story taking place on (and around) speeding trains. Now, this world filled with terrifying, ravenous, and ridiculously fast creatures is returning with Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (also branded as Peninsula), a new adventure in the same universe. The film’s first teaser trailer hit the web and it looks like this story will be just as intense as its predecessor.

The clip reveals that this story will follow a completely different set of characters and take place four years after the events of Train to Busan. Korea has been mostly ravaged and wiped out at this point with very few survivors. Jung-seok, a soldier who escaped the land, is forced to return for a covert operation. He’s accompanied by a small crew to retrieve some unknown item(s) or people and they discover that there are survivors left behind who might threaten their entire mission. Some of the may be good people while others have become feral in this new world.

Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula’s trailer features tons of action and zombies that will give fans a Resident Evil meets World War Z meets Mad Max: Fury Road type of feel. It amps up all the elements introduced in Train to Busan and expands out to see how quickly things devolved in society.

A zombie gnashes its teeth.

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A lot of the first movie’s appeal was how characters like Seok-woo, Su-an, and others were so well-developed and brought a level of emotional intelligence and classism commentary to the story. Everything should be consistent because Yeon Sang-ho and Park Joo-Suk have returned as the director and writer (respectively) for the Peninsula story.

The film was originally slated for August 2020, but that target date has been pushed back. It’s not too surprising considering most big films and shows are moving their dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For now, fans can look forward to gathering in a theater one day and experiencing this intense zombie universe.

Feature Image: Next Entertainment World

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