Support Your Local Comic Shop With #PullBoxPayItForward

Now that the first Wednesday has hit comic shops without any new comics being distributed the industry and community are quickly coming to terms with what seems like it will be the new status quo. In these trying times the writer behind Superman Giant, Justice League, and Hawkman has come up with a generous and surprising suggestion of how to support comic shops.

To fully understand what Vendetti is suggesting it’s important to know what a “Pull Box” is. Comic shops run what are essentially non-pre-paid subscription services where customers can pre-order single issues, variant covers, or series and have them collected at the shop. For some customers its just a few books a month and for others it can be closer to 100. With the current climate the way that it is many shops will be relying on customers picking up the contents of their pull boxes (also known as pull lists and standing orders) but many fans and customers are finding themselves in the same dire straights as their local comic shops.

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DC Comics, Cover art by Bryan Hitch

This is where Vendetti’s plan comes in. Rather than seeking out new comics for yourself, #PullBoxPayItForward encourages fans and creators who are in a financially stable space to support local shops by calling them up and offering to pay off other customer’s pull lists. Not only will it help the shop recoup the money they spent ordering the books but it also means that customers who might not have the money to pick them up will be able to get their books!

In his tweet the Justice League writer stated “The comics industry is a family. These are unsettling times, but we’re all in this together. For the first Wednesday in my career, there aren’t any new comics on New Comic Book Day. Here’s how I’ve decided to help. If you can join #PullBoxPayItForward, please do.” Some of his fellow comic book creators have already jumped on this radical little idea, paying off some pull boxes at their local shops!

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Humpries was joined by best-selling Teen Titans: Raven author Kami Garcia!

Hopefully this trend will take off as it is a great way to support your local shops and community!

Header Image: Michael Sauers via Flikr 

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