Twitter’s Best Reactions to the SUPER MARIO Movie Casting

Nintendo’s Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool are heading out for another— hopefully much better—feature film. Instead of a live-action adaptation, though, this Super Mario Bros. movie will be an animated movie. Now we know who will voice those iconic characters. And mama mia! The internet is not okay with it. Especially since Chris Pratt, who is definitely not Italian, will play Mario. What he is, though, is perfect fodder for online silliness. And that’s exactly what we got from social media following the announcement. As it always does with Mario news, Twitter got to work immediately making fun of the whole thing. Here are some of the best Super Mario movie casting reactions we saw.

Super Mario's cartoon head on Chris Pratt's shirtless body. A reaction to the Super Mario movie casting news.Disney/Nintendo/Nerdist

Forget the role Pratt will play. Why did Nintendo’s cast announcements look like they should be found on the obituary page?

Meanwhile, others found themselves reminded of past absurd casting ideas.

What was the process involved in finding the cast exactly? Fans have theories.

Also, not to upset the Cats hive, but this is not a good comparison for the Super Mario Bros. movie casting.

However, this comparison is. (Note: we would like to watch both of these movies a second time after they completely flip casts.)

One casting choice that everyone seems to like is Keegan-Michael Key as Toad. But that didn’t stop everyone from having lots of fun with the news.

This video almost killed us. And after we watch it 5,000 more times, it just might.

We can already start getting ready for Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong.

Most of the jokes about the Super Mario movie casting came at the expense of the film’s top star. And they are reason enough to think Nintendo made a great choice. Even if the movie is terrible, it gave us these reactions.

Turns out we also have a fortune teller to let us know casting news a year in advance.

But you know who had the most fun with this news? Chris Pratt himself. He seems to understand why this casting is funny.

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We don’t know how exactly the movie will turn out, but the Super Mario movie casting reactions sure have been an adventure.

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