Twitter’s Best Reactions to the ‘Death’ of Mario

Super Mario is dead at age 37. The noted plumber and mascot of Nintendo was best known for his signature red overalls and hat, as well as his prolific killing of turtles and enslavement of Yoshi. Born on July 14, 1983, he is survived by his brother Luigi, as well as many caring friends and fellow Kart racers. A rescuer of princesses and a champion of the little people, especially little mushroom people, he leaves behind a legacy unmatched in the gaming world. But sadly, he will no longer be saying, “It’s-a me, Mario!,” because he’s-a dead.

Super Mario holding a star in front of a castleNintendo

Well, not really. Despite what some have been saying, Mario did not depart for that Ultimate Castle. Nor did he go to Hell for his sins against Koopas. (Not yet at least.) As we covered on Nerdist News, his impending demise has been a joke among fans ever since Nintendo announced it was pulling some of his titles from their store on March 31. That day has since been treated as the day Mario will be executed. And now that it’s here, his “death” has led to some hilarious tweets. Here are Twitter’s best reactions to the day the plumber died.

It was apparently a painful death, as per tradition.

Yeah, things got bleak REAL FAST.

Especially because some seemed to be taking great joy in Mario’s doom.

But who would do this? And why? Maybe we always should have known there was one “among us.”

Or maybe the question we should really be asking about Mario’s death is this: who benefits from it the most? Maybe someone who has forever stood in his shorter brother’s long shadow?

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Definitely suspicious. But Luigi isn’t the only person we should look at.

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Actually, forget the investigation. It’s too much fun seeing how people react to the fake death of a video game character.

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Mario is gone too soon. He will be missed by everyone, except for Wario, Bowser, and Donkey Kong.

But don’t despair. If there’s one thing we know about Mario, it’s that he always has extra lives.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures/Nerdist

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