This SUPER MARIO BROS. Tap Dance Medley Is The Bob-omb!

If you’re reading this, the odds that the Super Mario Bros. theme song is embedded somewhere deep inside of your brain are pretty high. (You’ve already started humming it, haven’t you?) That’s because the timeless music of the legendary Nintendo game never gets old, and is always being reproduced in myriad creative ways. Here, for example, we have the game’s music reincarnated as a tap dance medley, featuring a tap dancer moving fast enough to get away from a Goomba.

The video is the latest from YouTube channel Postmodern Jukebox, which is responsible for tons of fun, jazzy covers of pop culture songs from TV and film, like the Family Guy theme song. The channel’s also covered regular music tracks, including Radiohead’s “Creep,” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Be careful though, these jazzy covers are like Oreos: Once you’ve consumed one, it’s hard not go back for a dozen more.

As Laughing Squid notes, the mad tapper in the video is dancer/choreographer Demi Remick. Remick, who has as much style as she does tap skills, pretty much goes full throttle throughout the three minute clip. And while Remick’s dancing is quite impressive in terms of cardio and talent and all that, we still can’t decide if her dancing or this player’s Super Mario speedrun is more impressive. Perhaps it’s time we see some kind of tap-dancing Super Mario speedrun? Or, at the very least, re-listen to the original game’s track. (‘Cause we know it’s still stuck in your head.)

What do you think of Postmodern Jukebox’s tap-tastic rendition of the Super Mario theme song? Is there any particular video game, TV, or film theme song you want to see reproduced by the jazzy crew next, or are you just happy to have more crazy dance videos in your life? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: Postmodern Jukebox

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