Watch These Adorable Dancing Pups from the 2018 Dogdance World Championships

The internet can be an amazing place sometimes, especially when it exposes us to things that we never would have known existed otherwise. And today is such a day, because now I know that Dogdance is a thing, and my life is better for it. Via Geekologie, the 2018 Dogdance World Championship took place on July 20-22 in Ruinerwold, The Netherlands, and now the recordings of the performances are up on the internet for the world to see.

I really don’t know much else about it, so to an untrained eye it appears to be a bunch of dog trainers running around in cheesy costumes and moving in a way that somewhat resembles dancing. But the real stars of the show are those very good boys and girls—those magnificent doggos. I honestly don’t know how anyone could judge this objectively because I just lose my mind the moment I see any of these pooches also moving in a way that somewhat resembles dancing. It’s adorable when they do it. Below are some of the best performances from the finals for your viewing pleasure.

We have this very classic and elegant tango. A stunning display.

We have this Blues Brothers-inspired jazzy number.

We have a little jig to what I’m assuming is a Russian pop song (or should I say pup song).

I’m not really sure what to do with the information that this is a thing that exists, but I do know that I could watch these puppers spin, hop, and bounce all day.

Do you think these performances are as adorable as we say? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Полина Ильина/ YouTube

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