Everybody on STRANGER THINGS, Even the Duffer Brothers, Forgot Will’s Birthday

Poor Will Byers. He spent the first season of Stranger Things trapped in the Upside Down while his friends had an amazing adventure and became friends with a superhero. Then in season two he ended up under the control of the Mind Flayer. And in season three all he wanted to do was play D&D with his friends who refused to have a session. But Stranger Things 4 might be his most painful season yet. Not because he became a third wheel during Mike’s trip to visit Eleven, though. Nor is it because he almost died when soldiers raided his home. And it has nothing to do with his frantic and dangerous trip to reunite with his friends or because it’s the show’s scariest season yet. It’s because everyone at Stranger Things forgot about poor Will Byers’ birthday.

Will Byers looks out his bedroom window on Strannger Things 4

Variety spoke to Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer about Volume One of the new season and what we can expect from the last two episodes. That included addressing Will’s sexuality, which though implied has not yet been explicitly stated. The Duffers say the last two episodes will make clear who Will “likes.” But what Volume Two can’t do is make up for everyone forgetting Will’s birthday.

Fans of the show remembered something no writer on the series did. Stranger Things 2 established Will’s birthday is March 22. But that date came and went in season four without any character acknowledging it, let alone celebrating. His own mother didn’t wish “WILL!” a happy birthday. That sleight wasn’t intentional, which might make it even worse. Matt Duffer said they simply didn’t remember what they had written six years earlier.

Mike stands behind Will at the roller skating rink on Stranger Thinngs 4

The brothers say going forward they might need someone to help them keep track of everything they do, the way George R.R. Martin and Stephen King do. That way they won’t make a mistake like forgetting a major character’s birthday. But that’s too little, too late for Will. They’re also not sure whether they should go back and “George Lucas” the oversight by adjusting his birthday to a different date. Or if they should “just let it be really sad” that it happened.

It doesn’t matter which option they pick, forgetting Will’s birthday in the first place is sad. But that’s just how things seem to always go for poor Will Byers.

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