STRANGER THINGS 3’s Chief Hopper Gets a MAGNUM, P.I. Mashup

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things 3.

It was another tough year in Hawkins, Indiana for Chief of Police Jim Hopper. He got stood up on a date by Joyce and beaten up by a Russian Terminator. He found out the city’s mayor was selling his country out to the Soviets. He was almost killed before having to infiltrate a secret underground base that was trying to open a gate to the Upside Down. And if he didn’t get blown up and killed saving the world there, he was transported halfway around the globe where he is now a political prisoner and potential food for a demodog. Not great! But you know what was great? Hopper rocking that Magnum P.I.-style shirt. Not everyone can pull off an ’80s Tom Selleck look, but David Harbour did, in one of the funniest references of the season. Now he’s getting the investigator mashup he deserves: the Stranger Things 3-inspired Hopper, P.I.

This VHS-style video comes from the YouTube channel Here Lies, which perfectly intercuts some of Hopper’s best reactions, incredulous moments, and daring action scenes, in a tribute to the classic TV series. He’s not alone though, because he has his very own T.C. in Joyce. And even if she can’t fly a helicopter, she’s still pretty good at being up unscrupulous politicians.

Here’s the original opening credits from Magnum, P.I. for comparison.

If you’re thinking, “Maybe I can pull off this look,” well, we’re sorry, but you almost certainly can’t. Not unless you have a world class mustache and the charisma of Tom Selleck and David Harbour. And really, how many people in the history of the world have ever had both of those things?

But you can still wear one of those shirts. They look super comfortable. No wonder people trying to solve crimes liked wearing them on the job. They can make even the toughest case more bearable.

Featured Image: Netflix/CBS

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