Watch Storm the Dog Sniff His Way Into a Weather Report

We love a weather report when things don’t go as planned. Distractions, technical glitches, other unexpected things leave reporters stumbling over their words or perhaps laughing. It happens in the studio but, in this pandemic era, it usually happens when they are trying to work from home. That’s how it is when boundaries between work and home become a little too blurry, right? While one reporter was lucky enough to get Chris Hemsworth, the interrupting culprit is usually the reporter’s adorable pet. That’s what happens in this weatherman’s broadcast when his mini goldendoodle comes in for a tasty treat. (Thanks to Mashable for bringing this to our attention.)

a mini goldendoodle dog sniffs during a weather report

Global News

Storm’s human is Toronto reporter Anthony Farnell, a man trying to do his job in peace. That name is so incredibly appropriate, right? He’s reporting the weather and standing in front of a green screen when Storm casually strolls in. He acknowledges his presence, joking that he’s “walking on thin air,” as he sniffs for a snack. I understand how you feel Storm. I, too, wander around during the day looking for something to eat.

Farnell keeps going with his segment and lets Storm do his thing to the delight of many viewers. You may be wondering how he’s able to ignore him and keep going. It turns out that Storm is a frequent crasher with fans of his own, perhaps more than Farnell. It’s okay… people love dogs more than we love each other. Storm is not only photogenic but does a lot of cute things. He loves to eat cake, lounge on outdoor furniture, and hang out in the snow.

Storm, you can storm into the weather report whenever you want to. It doesn’t matter if your human is trying to work or not. We care about the weather but we also want to see your adorable doggie face.

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