Chris Hemsworth Hilariously Crashes a Weather Report

When Australian TV host Lauren Phillips told her co-workers she was going to do an interview while reading the weather for Weekend Today on 9Now, they didn’t expect the interviewee to be Chris Hemsworth. The God of Thunder crashed the weather report (as seen via Dlisted). He told viewers about sun and rain across Australia during a weekend forecast last Friday. And while he didn’t get to deliver a forecast specifically about thunder, it’s still terrific. In fact, Hemsworth nails it. If that blockbuster acting career falls apart, he has a solid back up option. The weather in Australia has never sounded so appealing. Watch:

Error occurred!

I hope the folks in Melbourne listened to Hemsworth and got their brollies out for the incoming rain.

The star of this video is clearly Hemsworth. Phillips said on Instagram that Hemsworth, her mate, wanted to do work experience with her. She delivers the weather report from Scone, which is apparently the horse capital of Australia. So she wanted to include some horses in her weather report. They’re in the background, but instead she got Hemsworth—a fine substitute in our opinion.He was in the area to visit organizations that do conservation work. Hemsworth said he’s a little like a rogue horse, so it all worked out.

Chris Hemsworth reading the weather


After Hemsworth, the best part of this charming footage is the studio hosts’ reactions. Richard Wilkins and Rebecca Maddern weren’t expecting to see the actor. Maddern’s is clearly taken aback, but to be honest, she handled it much better than I would. Still, at the very end of the video she has a “did that just happen?” moment. It did, Rebecca, and we are all grateful for it.

Especially for the bit where Hemsworth pretends to be a horse.

Featured Image: 9Now

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