Step INTO CARNIVAL ROW’s Lush Production Design

Carnival Row is finally here, with every episode of the first season currently available on Amazon Prime. Whether you’ve binged it all already, are slowly savoring each moment, or plan to watch in the future, Nerdist has got your back with top-to-bottom Carnival Row coverage. If you’re unfamiliar, the series is set in a fictional version of Victorian London—a city called The Burgue—and is centered on a murder plot that mirrors Jack the Ripper. Only instead of prostitutes dying, it’s magical characters known as Fae, who are targeted for their “otherness” in this mostly human world. At the center of the tale are Orlando Bloom’s Rycroft Philostate and Cara Delivigne’s Vignette Stonemess; a human man and a Fae woman torn apart by circumstance, but bought fatefully back together as the crimes in The Burgue slowly envelop them both.

To give you a more in-depth look at Carnival Row, we sent some of our own Nerdist correspondents to the set. In this episode of Into Carnival Row, we’re chatting with production designer Jiri Matura about bringing The Burgue—and other locations in the series—to life.

As production designer, Matura was tasked with making the fictional world of Carnival Row a reality, with sets that add a richness to the story. Because the show walks the line of genre— it’s part fantasy, part neo-noir, part steampunk—there’s a real blend of influences that go into the design. Matura explains that most of it comes from 19th century Europe, and the space between medieval architecture met industrialization.

In this episode, Nerdist‘s Aliza Pearl walks through the set of Carnival Row with Matura, getting a closer look at the intricacies of the design work. We also check in with the other corespondents, who all created characters to play on the show. See how they fit into this world, and check back later for more episodes of Into Carnival Row.

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