New STAR WARS: SQUADRONS Trailer Offers In-Game Footage

What would be more fun: flying for a shattered empire desperate to keep its hold on power, or taking to the sky to help a fragile new republic lift off? Both sound most impressive. Fortunately, the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons will let players do both. You’ll get to sit in the cockpit for each side in the war that followed the death of Palpatine. And a new trailer featuring in-game footage shows it will be just as exciting suiting up for the Empire or the Republic.

Especially when both sides mean working with some famous faces.

The new “Official Single Player Preview” for Star Wars: Squadrons gives an up-close look at the game from Electronic Arts, Motive Studios, and Lucasfilm. It’s set in a post Return of the Jedi world, shortly after the death of the Emperor.

In this mode players will “fly as two opposing pilots” dealing with the fallout of the collapse of the Empire. That will mean some important characters from the galaxy far, far away will still be involved. This trailer, which opens with a message about the current state of affairs from Princess Leia, features Imperial officer Admiral Rae Sloan and Star Wars: Rebels hero Captain Hera Syndulla. The game’s single player mode will let you work with both of them. And also Wedge Antilles.

New STAR WARS: SQUADRONS Trailer Offers In-Game Footage_1Electronic Arts

This trailer’s shots of both story scenes and in-game footage from an early Imperial mission look absolutely gorgeous. But players will also have the chance to “experience every mission fully immersed in VR.” The game also provides the chance to “customize and master” all eight starfighters. You can learn more about Squadrons ($40), including its locales, ships, and modes, at EA’s official site.

And you have until October 2 to mentally prepare to fight against the new Republic. But while it will feel weird serving the Empire, it will still be a lot of fun.

Featured Image: Electronic Arts

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