Is There A Big STAR WARS: REBELS Easter Egg in the RISE OF SKYWALKER Teaser?

The new, very short teaser for the The Rise of Skywalker  trailer gave fans a few tidbits to chew on until the full trailer drops—and the whole thing is just a few seconds long! But one thing we noticed right off the bat in that single super cool shot of all those ships from the Resistance fleet emerging from hyperspace? Among the many ships that we see, it appears that one of them is none other than The Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, clearly to the right of the Millennium Falcon!

Yes, it seems that the vessel which carried Jedi Knights Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger and their friends on many adventures in the early days of the Rebellion is still active and running some thirty years after we last saw her. And still fighting the good fight. This wouldn’t be the first time that The Ghost has been spotted in live-action. In Rogue One, we see her at the battle of Scarif, helping the Rebel fleet secure the Death Star plans. We don’t see any of her crew on board, but we do hear “Captain Syndulla” being paged on the Rebel base on Yavin IV. This is of course a reference to Captain Hera Syndulla from the animated series.

But could Hera still be in charge of The Ghost some three decades after the events of Return of the Jedi? Actually, she absolutely could. Because we know that The Ghost also was involved and survived the battle of Endor. The final episode of Star Wars: Rebels gives us a bit of an epilogue that takes place a few years after the events of the final chapter of the original trilogy. We see Hera still piloting her beloved ship, with her young son Jason Syndulla at her side. The ship was presumably primed and ready for new adventures.

It would make sense that The Ghost would be one of the ships to eventually answer General Leia’s call for help at the end of The Last Jedi. It just looks like it took a little longer to get the message. Although there’s no reason to think Hera herself couldn’t be piloting her old ship still for the Resistance, it’s possible that the ship belongs to her son Jason now. But then again, who knows how long Twi’leks live for? For all we know, Hera could still be the equivalent of thirty human years!

With so much to wrap up from the previous eight films, it seems unlikely that the appearance of The Ghost is more than a cameo, akin to how it showed up in Rogue One. So maybe fans shouldn’t get too excited just yet. But it sure would be cool if in the final film, we cut to the Resistance pilots in their various ships, and there’s a green Twi’lek woman saying “Ghost, standing by.” Casual fans who only know the films might not get the significance of a moment like that, but for all of us fans of Rebels? We would all lose our minds and audibly gasp at seeing one of the show’s main characters get a live-action shout out like that! Make it happen JJ!

Images: Lucasfilm

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