Mark Hamill Had A Different Pitch for THE FORCE AWAKENS’ Ending

Mark Hamill has never been shy about what he thinks is best for his iconic character, Luke Skywalker. And understandably so, given that he’s been living with him for over four decades now. He was fairly vocal about what he thought Luke should have been doing in The Last Jedi. Apparently he had definite ideas about what Luke should have been doing in The Force Awakens as well.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast (via IGN), Hamill mentioned that he had an entirely different idea about how Luke should have been used in Episode VII, and he even pitched that idea to JJ Abrams. Hamill explained his pitch this way:

“You can still have me come in at the very end, but how about this? Leia’s trying to contact me telepathically. She gets frustrated because there’s no answer so she rushes to the new Death Star…that’s three so far…and she almost gets there when she’s stopped by two Stormtroopers. Just before she’s abducted, one Stormtrooper turns to the other and blows him away, pulls off his helmet and says, “Hi sis, I’m here to rescue you.”

This, of course, would have been a callback to how Luke and Leia met in A New Hope.

Hamill believed that fans would have gone nuts for this moment, and he’s probably not wrong. Hamill clearly was hoping for a reunion of the original trilogy’s “big three,” and is miffed he didn’t get it. And he also believes the death of Han Solo would have been more effective had both Leia and Luke been there, saying “It’s more effective to have people that really have a history with Han Solo witness his death and be unable to stop it. His wife, the mother of his child, his best friend. Instead of two characters that have known him what…20 minutes?” Although, in the film’s defense, Chewie was there, and I’m going to go out on a limb as say he is Han’s actual BFF.

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